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With a population over 100,000, Bali's capi- Hindu concepts. It replaced an old street tal is the largest city in the island. It is also clock. Since the Denpasar's two main shopping streets

latel960sand thetourist boom, Denpasarhas come together at the Guru statue. Jalan Gagrown quickly into a bustling little city in jah Mada is biock-full with general stores, art which narrow streets, many of them one-way, shops, restaurants, banks, and a couple of ice can barely handle the crush of traffic. In the juice stalls. The colorful local market is also center of town is a large open square, called nearby. Jalan Veteran and the little street bePuputan Square after the suicidal battle hind the Bali Hotel are good places to buy between the rajas of Badung and the Dutch handicrafts. Many shops close between 1 p.m. militia in 1 906. On one side stands the Muse- and 5 p.m., but thereafter stay open until 8 p.rn. um Bali and the Pura Jagatnatha, a state The Hotel Bali, dating from Dutch times, is on temple. Across the square is the national Jalan Veteran. The Hotel Denpasar, the other military complex. On the third side are the large hotel in the capital proper, is on Jalan. read more...

About Denpasar

City, capital of Bali propinsi (province), south central Bali, Indonesia, 40 miles (70 km) south of Singaraja. The largest city on the island of Bali, it is also the capital of the Badung kabupaten (regency). Denpasar was the site of a suicidal battle of the rajas of Badung against the Dutch Militia in 1906. A large open square in the centre of the city, named Puputan Square, commemorates the event. The population is mostly Balinese who speak a dialect of Indonesian written in Pallava script and practice a form of Islam strongly influenced by Hindu customs. In addition, there are Arab and Indian merchants who deal mainly in textiles; Chinese operate most local businesses, and there are some Christians. The city's mechanized industries include food processing, papermaking and printing, and the manufacture and repair of machinery. Handicrafts include sandstone carving, weaving, coconut and bone carving, plaiting, basket weaving, and the production of coir and of gold and silver jewelry.
A network of roads links Denpasar with Singaraja and other cities on the island. Denpasar also has an international airport. A branch of the National Archaeological Research Centre; the Bali Museum, built by the Dutch government in 1932 and containing specimens of Balinese art from prehistoric times to the early 20th century; and Universitas Udayana (founded 1962) are located at Denpasar. Sites of interest include the Puri (temple) Pemecutan, St. Joseph Church, Meredith Memorial Library, Pasar (market) Dadung, Kokar. read more...
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