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Nusa Penida's Dive
Giant Clam, Indonesia Diving
Giant Clam
Nusa Penida is the largest of 3 islands (the others being Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan). The water here is fairly cold (because of the ocean currents) but often startlingly clear, with gorgeous corals and prolific fish, with some turtle, shark (including grey reefs and silver-tips) and - Aug-Sep - Mola-Mola (the weird and wonderful Sunfish).

AquaMarine offers nine dive sites at Nusa Penida, three of which (Sental, Ped, SD) are along Nusa Penida's north coast. You could, theoretically, go in at Sental, drift along until you came to Ped, exit, change tanks, have a surface interval, re-enter the water exactly where you exited, drift along to SD, exit, out, back in at the same point - however, generally, due to conditions and changing currents, this isn't possible. There is no diving nor coral, due to conditions, along Nusa Penida's south coast.

The majority of diving at Nusa Penida is drift-diving and the currents are not always predictable. You need to listen to your guide's briefing and to follow him underwater. When diving with AquaMarine, if you do not have one of your own, you will be given an inflatable signalling device for use on the surface, in the unlikely event that you get separated from your guide/group.

Sental, Ped and SD

As mentioned above, these sites are located on the coral reef that runs the length of Nusa Penida's north coast and offers great drift-diving. This reef is richest at SD but at Ped and Sental it has suffered both as a result of coral-bleaching after El Nino in 1998 and boats anchoring into the coral. The reef has a lot of soft corals, and also many kinds of fish, such as Moorish Idols, Sweetlips, Lionfish, Moray Eel, Scorpionfish, white tip reef shark and Napoleonfish.
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